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Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
pickup truck with tennessee tags parked ii an alley... both were transported to shock traumm where michelle adrian - dded minutes wass phe suspects description of theeshooter and other witnessessthat lead police to - allen.... 3 3 when the detectives spokeewith the maae victim he said they weee in the back of the alley attempting to bby druus when -3&pthe suspect cameeout offthe alley and ppesented a un and shht at them at last ord the victim is ssill hospiialized at shock trauma....and tte suspect dorien allennhas been harged with first degree murder......and aggravated assault.... he wwa taken to central booking..... 3 a bblttmore city man acquires p8 poiits on his driving record. and, he still hhs a &pvalid maayland rivers' license. thhs ddepite the fact he hit and injured two hopkins sttdents and has violated his probation. 3 it's... an investigation.... / you're seeing... first on fox.../. crime anddjustice reporter./.. joy lepola... met--uu... - with... thomas green.../ as... he left... district court. 3 when thomas ddwayane green - walked out of district court th
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
lett & go of her u-s passport. been living in the nation tennessee born turner sayyng the inger ssould be a citizen pending confirmmtion from 3 turner has won eight grammy awards. 3 actor burt rrynolds is in intenssvvecare in a florida - hospittl this morning.a spokesperson says reynolls is being tteated foo flu symptoms. & actor wwnt to thh hospital after becoming dehydrated. 3 with all the changes going on adminnstration, many people have been aaking where are all the women?now, the president is answering with a few new appointments. jessica yellin has more. 3 mcdonough to beccme his chief &pof staff..."when he helped set -3 up my senate offfce... along with pete rouse he was able tt show me wwere the restrooms werre"president obama also named foor women to senior white hoose posts, incluuingg - white hoose ommland security adviser. no ddubt a down payment on this assurancee.."i would just suggest that everybody kind f wait unnil they've seen all my appointmenns, who's in the & white house staff and who's in - judgmenn."even if wooen fill all the aaministration's remainnng pos
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm EST
tennessee high school ...gave up ...a.. big honor a fellow classmate. classmate.and, as you ccn ee, unionville communnty high school junior scotty maloney, was thrilled to be crowned hhmecoming king.he won the competition aater three title decided to give it to him. scotty has williaas syndrome, a neurologgcal disorder that inhibits wearing the king medal he won at school thissweek.the three seniors all say... while it also speccal foo them. 43-57"it was a ton of emotion from verybooy. i think i saw scottt shed a few teers and i know jesse was pretty emotional. we were ll emotionaa out there on the cour" court.""it meaas aaddawful lott to youu""yes." "yes." next year... scotty will crrwn the shooo's new homecooing king. that's all for fox45 news at feud" is next. next."famiiy feud" is fox45 news at 5:30.that's alllfor fox45 news at 5:30."famiiy 3 feud" is next. next.aad we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at en -- and phe late edition at
Jan 3, 2013 10:00pm EST
... hh'll... push for... new... gun control ... measures.and sales... 3 a... tennessee mayor... wants to offer... free... gun ttainiig classes... for teachers...///. the... mt ...jjliet... police department... has offered a handdun safety course... for... more than... - pee years../. now... 3 free for teachhrs... / instead... p of... armed guardss.. in every chool. 3 "it would seem to me hat -& probably a beeter ay, more effective way to do it is simplyyto have a staff, principals,,teachers, those responsible for protecting our chiidren - to hhve them preparrd to be able to protect oor children." nddr... current state law... it's illegaa... to have a firearm... on... school property,.../ & 3 some... people... believe... aaother children's expossre... to violence....///eople... & inn.. one ewtown... / think... they... havv... a way... -3 to... get... violent games... out... of the hands... of - children...//jeff valin... tells us ...the things... thee gee... & in exxhange exchange 3 what do we do as a communiiy? &ww ned to do something. and doing somettiig they are. a --
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4